How To Cook Rice

When in Japan, do as the Japanese do. Most Japanese people eat rice almost everyday. Here is a simple instruction how to cook rice using a rice cooker.

How To Cook Regular Rice

NS-WB by Zojirushi

JAI-R by Tiger

1. Prepare rice. 1 Go (1合) is about 180ml.
2. Take out the cooking pot inside the rice cooker and wash/rinse the rice in the pot.
3. Measure the water.
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If you want 2 Go (2合), water up to the line “2”.
4. Set the cooking pot in the rice cooker properly.
5. Press “メニュー(menu)” and select “白米(white rice)”.
6. Press “炊飯(cook)” to start cooking!

Popular Side Dishes for Rice

1. Mentaiko (salted cod roe with red pepper)
2. Natto (fermented soybeans)
3. Kimchi (Korean pickles)
4. Ika no Shiokara (salted squid)
5. Nori no Tsukudani (laver boiled in soy)

Try to go to “Depachika” (basement of major department stores), you will find a lot of side dishes that will go with steamy white rice! Yum!

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