How to Get to Tokyo Disney Resort and Some Tips

From Shinjuku

Adult: 390 yen (one-way)
Child: 190 yen (one-way)

Adult: ¥820 (one-way)
Child: ¥410 (one-way)

From Shibuya

There is no direct bus from Shibuya. If you wish to take a bus, you need to go to Shinjuku.

Shibuya – (Tokyo Metro Hanzomon Line) – Nagata-cho – (Tokyo Metro Yuraku-cho Line) – Shinkiba – (JR Musashino Line) – Maihama

Adult: 400 yen (one-way)
Child: 200 yen (one-way)

From Tokyo

Adult: 220 yen (one-way)
Child: 110 yen (one-way)

Adult: ¥720
Child: ¥360

From Shin-Okachimachi

Shin-Okachimachi – (Oedo Line) – Tsukishima – (Tokyo Metro Yurakucho Line) – Shinkiba – (JR Keiyo Line) – Maihama

Adult: 470 yen (one-way)
Child: 240 yen (one-way)

From Daimon/Hamamatsucho

Hamamatsucho – (JR Yamanote Line) – Tokyo – (JR Keiyo Line) – Maihama

Adult: 310 yen (one-way)
Child: 150 yen (one-way)

From Kuramae

Kuramae – (Oedo Line) – Tsukishima (Tokyo Metro Yurakucho Line) – Shinkiba (JR Keiyo Line) – Maihama

Adult: 470 yen (one-way)
Child: 240 yen (one-way)

Recommendations by CS team


Recommended Restaurants


Chef Mickey
The Disney characters come to greet you at your table at this casual, buffet-style restaurant. Feast on just what you like and have a great time with your family.

CS comments:
Kids should love this place! But it seems Mickey is too busy and can’t come to the table on demand.

Grandma Sara’s Kitchen (JP)
They offer counter-service and serves “home style” items such as beef stew, grilled herb chicken, scallops and shrimp au gratin, and chopped steak. 530 seats.

CS comments:
Located at Critter Country near Splash Mountain and is adjacent to Haunted Mansion at Fantasyland. Good atmosphere and taste. I recommend the special set which comes with Kawaii sweets and is quite reasonable.

Recommended Attractions


Big Thunder Mountain
Splash Mountain
Space Mountain
Star Tours

Disney Sea

Recommended Restaurants


Casbah Food Court (JP)
Casbah Food Court is a counter service restaurant located in the Arabian Coast port of call in Tokyo DisneySea. They have quite authentic Indian curry dishes (the rice is Japanese…).

CS comments:
Shrimp curry and tandoori chickens are quite spicy! The ambience of this restaurant is very exotic. Good to visit at night also.

Recommended Attractions


Tower of Terror
Journey to the Center of the Earth
Raging Spirits



Birthday Sticker
If there is a birthday boy/girl in the group, tell a cast (staff) about it and he/she will get a birthday sticker which entitles to get celebrations from the casts/characters/some attraction attendances. Also at some restaurants, the dessert will be upgraded to a birthday one.


Disney’s Fastpass
Disney’s Fastpass is recommended to avoid being in long lines.

Chickens’ taste at restaurants
The chickens’ taste is mild at Disneyland but quite spicy at Disney Sea.

No Booze?
No alcohol beverage is available at Disneyland, not even at restaurants. On the other hand, at Disney sea, alcohol beverage is allowed to buy and drink. Be aware!

Useful Links

Tokyo Disney Resort Official Website

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