How To Use an Air-Conditioner

Each apartment has an air-conditioner(s) and the style is different. Here is a basic translation of an air-conditioner’s remote controller. The one you have may be different but the basic buttons are same.

Remote Controller

150803_43 のコピー

運転 – power
入 – on
切 – off

温度 – temperature

運転切換 – mode switch

冷房 – cool
暖房 – heat
除湿 – dehumidify

弱 – low
中 – medium
強 – strong

風速 – wind speed
風向 – wind direction

タイマー – timer


Q. The air-conditioner doesn’t seem to be working.
A. Our house keeper checks the air-conditioner before the guest’s check-in and normally it should be working fine. Please check if the remote controller is set correctly. Check the mode and the temperature.

Q. It is hot today and it seems the air-conditioner is now working properly.
A. The air-conditioner you are using might have a human detecting function and if it doesn’t detect a person in the room, it automatically raise the temperature about 2C degree. And also if the room temperature is over 30C degree (like today), it detects as there is no human and raise the temperature automatically.

Q. Water is leaking from the air-conditioner.
A. Sometimes it happens when the air pressure in the room is too tight. Please open the windows or door for a while and turn the AC on.

Q. The apartment is too cold for us, even the air-conditioner is working fine…
A. The average temperature for Tokyo’s winter is 5 Celsius degree (41 Fahrenheit degree), it is fairly mild but the apartments in Tokyo don’t have good insulations compared to other countries’. It is almost impossible wearing only a T-shirt while being in the apartment. Prepare warm clothes!

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