[WiFi] GL04P

How to Use

1. Turn on the GL04P by pressing the Power button and see if your device finds the SSID in the WiFi setting.
2. Enter the password written on the back of the GL04P.

If you don’t see the SSID on your device, press the WPS button on the GL04P for 10 seconds.


GL04P has a limitation of total volume of usage which means you cannot use over 1G within 3 days or 7G within 1 calendar month. Otherwise, the speed will be lowered automatically. Please be kindly reminded that the total volume consists of both downloading and uploading, so your attention will be highly appreciated. Once the speed is limited, you will have nothing to do but wait for the lock to be cancelled as there is no replacement can be offered.


Q. I can’t read the password. Can you tell me?
A. Press the WPS button twice on the GL04P and the SSID and the password will be shown on the display.

Q. I could use the internet for a while but now I can’t. Why?
A. GL04P has a function that if the device detects no connection to device for 10 minutes, it automatically turns into the sleep mode. To dismiss the sleep mode and turn the WiFi on, press the Power/Wifi button and turn the WiFi on again. You will see the WiFi icon on the display.

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