[WiFi] HWD13

How to Use

To turn on the WiFi, press the Power button on the HWD13 and find if your device will detect the SSID on a wifi setting. If you don’t find the SSID, press the WPS button on the side of the HWD13 until you see the SSID on your device.


Q. I can’t read the password. Can you tell me?
A. Press the WPS button on the side of the device twice in 1 second and you will see the SSID and the password on the display.

Q. The internet connection is slow. How do I improve?
A. The WiMAX’s bandwidth is 2.5GHz and the speed is fast if you use it in a spacious field but it gets slow inside the buildings. If you use it inside the building, place it near windows. It will improve the speed.

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