[WiFi] HWD15

How to Use

1. Press ON/OFF for more than 3 seconds. If the screen is locked, press ON/OFF for 1 second to unlock.

2. Find WiFi SSID1 connection name on your device and input the password (WPA key), then your device will  be connected/joined to wifi. You can find SSID1 & WAP on the sticker behind the WiFi device.


Select Connection Mode (通信モード) and make sure to use HIGH SPEED MODE (ハイスピード) or NO LIMIT MODE (ノーリミット).

* HIGH SPEED MODE is limited. NO LIMIT MODE is recommended to use all the time. DO NOT use HIGH SPEED PLUS AREA (ハイスピードプラスエリア) which may require to charge you.

hw [HS] = High speed mode
[HS+A] = High speed mode plus area mode
[NL] = No limit mode

How to change the mode to NO LIMIT MODE

1. Press “通信モード(connection mode)” on the home screen.

2. Choose “ノーリミット(NO LIMIT)” and press “OK”.


Q. The password is blurry and I can’t read. Can you tell me the password?
A. You can check the password on the device following these steps:
Select “Setting”(設定) → Press “About” (情報) → SSID info (SSID 情報)

Q. The internet connection is slow. How do I improve?
A. The WiMAX’s bandwidth is 2.5GHz and the speed is fast if you use it in a spacious field but it gets slow inside the buildings. If you use it inside the building, place it near windows. It will improve the speed.

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