[WiFi] NAD11

How to Use

1. While the product display is in the “normal display”, briefly press the SET button on a few times to display [W-LAN Info].
2. Hold down the SET button to display the primary SSID.
3. Briefly press the SET button and “Primary Key Push SET button” will be displayed. Then briefly press the SET button again to display the Primary Key.

The Primary SSID and Primary key of this product are also indicated on the sticker under the battery pack.


Q. The internet connection is slow. How do I improve?
A. The WiMAX’s bandwidth is 2.5GHz and the speed is fast if you use it in a spacious field but it gets slow inside the buildings. If you use it inside the building, place it near windows. It will improve the speed.

Q. It seems it doesn’t connect to the internet, although my device is connected to the wifi.
A. Firstly, you can turn off the device totally and turn on again. Most of the issues should be solved by doing this. If it doesn’t work, here is a procedure for resetting the device. Please be careful, the internet mode will be changed after doing this; you have to set the internet mode to No Limit Mode.

1. Press the power button a few times and show a display like above. Press the set button for 5 times and show “初期化(reset)”.
2. Press hold the set button and show “初期化します(proceed with resetting)”. Press the set button short and choose “YES”.
3. Press hold the sett button long and show “設定しました 再起動します(finished setting, rebooting)”. Release the set button and wait for 2 minutes for rebooting.

Set the internet mode
1. Press the power button a few times and show a normal display. Press the set button 3 times and show “機器設定(device setting)” and press hold the set button.
2. After showing “通信モード(internet mode)”, press hold the set button.
3. Choose “ノーリミット(No Limit Mode)” and press hold the set button.

More Useful Information

NAD11 Set Up Guide

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