[WiFi] Speed Wi-Fi NEXT W01

How To Use

1. To turn on the device, press the “power” button on the side of the device for longer than 3 seconds.
2. Unlock the lock screen by sliding up/down “上下にスライドしてロックを解除(unlock by sliding up/down)” shown on the display.
3. On the home screen, tap “かんたん設定(easy setting)” .


4. Tap “次へ(next)”, then “手動設定(manual setting)” which enables to see the SSID and the password.


5. Go to settings on your device, find the SSID and enter the password.

* Please use the device under HIGH SPEED MODE.


Q. The internet connection is slow. How do I improve?
A. The WiMAX’s bandwidth is 2.5GHz and the speed is fast if you use it in a spacious field but it gets slow inside the buildings. If you use it inside the building, place it near windows. It will improve the speed.

More Useful Inforamation

Speed Wi-Fi NEXT W01 Quick Start Guide (PDF)

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