[WiFi] Speed Wi-Fi NEXT WX02

How To Use

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1. Hold down the Power button until “NEC” logo appears in the display.
2. Press the Select button a few times to display [WiFi Info].
3. Press the Set button to display the Primary SSID.
4. Press the Select button to display the Primary Key and enter the password on your device.


– This device’s limit is 3GB for 3 days but it is almost unlimited. They narrow the bandwidth after 3GB/3days usage but the actual speed is around 6-7 Mbps which is enough speeds for watching movies.
– Although you can use this device almost unlimitedly, if you use a heavy amount, they may limit the speed from time to time. Please be careful!


Q. The internet connection is slow. How do I improve?
A. The WiMAX’s bandwidth is 2.5GHz and the speed is fast if you use it in a spacious field but it gets slow inside the buildings. If you use it inside the building, place it near windows. It will improve the speed.

More Useful Inforamation

Setup Guide (PDF)

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