14 places to pray in Tokyo

The natural beauty, rich tradition, exotic pop culture of Japan attracts millions of tourists from all around the world every year. Among other tourists, I have quite frequently spotted Muslims with their specific attire throughout Japan. However, when I ask any Muslim tourist about their trip in Japan, they often express their frustration about finding Halal Food and praying place. In fact, Japan is more diverse than it seems to be. There are Mosque and Musalla, Halal Restaurants, Halal Stores almost every area. You just need to look for it in the right place. So here I am to help you to have a perfect holiday.

Here, I will introduce you some of the Grand Mosques in Tokyo which is not only a place of worship but cultural touristic hotspot, and educational institute for local. I will also list some of the Musalla and its addresses. So you can just go the one that is near to you.

2. Tokyo Camii

Also known as Tokyo Mosque, is one of the largest and very first mosques in Tokyo. It was founded in 1938 by Russian Immigrant that fled the October Revolution. The mosque was renovated in 1998 to a similar appearance to the blue mosque in Istanbul.

Tokyo Camii is not only a worship place for Muslim but it is also Turkish Culture Centre. The impressive ottoman style building and its minarets attract many tourists and Japanese visitors throughout the year. It is located in Yoyogi-uehara just a short distance from the hotspots of Shinjuku and Harajuku. The mosque offers Iftar throughout Ramdan month, therefore if you happen to be in Tokyo during Ramadan, It is worth going there. you will not only Enjoy food but also socialize with many other muslim from diverse backgrounds.

Tokyo Camii

Tokyo Camii minerat against the backdrop of Shinjuku Sky scrappers.


Muslim praying

Muslim praying


Access:            3 min. walk from Yoyogi-Uehara Station.

Location:         1-16 Oyama-cho, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo

Contact:          03-5790-0760

Homepage:      http://www.tokyocamii.org/about/welcome

2.  Arabic Islamic In statute Hiro Mosque

The Arabic Islamic Institute was found by Saudi Arabia Government in 1982, to promote friendship, and cultural understanding between Arab nation and Japanese people. It is join mosque and institute that offer praying, library, small museum, Arabic classes, and many other activities.

Arabic Islamic Institute Hiro


Access: 10 Min. walk from Hiroo Sta, or Azabujuban Sta.

Location: 3-4-18 Moto-Azabu, Minato-ku, Tokyo

Contact: 03-3404-6622

Homepage: http://www.aii-t.org/e/

3. Darul Arqam Masjid (Asakusa Mosque)

Located in the center of Tokyo, was established in 1998 in response to the growing number of Muslims. It has five-story building with a library that has books in various languages.

Access:            20 Min. Walk from Asakusa Station, or Sky Tree station.

Location:         1-9-12 Higashi Asakusa, Taito-ku, Tokyo

Contact:          03-3871-6061

Homepage:    http://masjid-asakusa.ucoz.com/

4.  Masjid Otsuka

Otsuka Mosque was completed in 2000. It also offers Islamic education apart from the praying. It is located short distance from Ikuebukuro.


Access:            3 min. Otsuka Station.

Location:         3-42-7 Minamiotsuka, Toshima, Tokyo

Contact:          3 170 0005

Homepage:     http://www.islam.or.jp/en/

5.  Masjid Al-Tawhee

Established In 2002. It is a cozy Mosque located in Hachioji, West Tokyo. The mosque offers a place for prayer, as well as cultural events, introduction to Islam, and Exchange forums.

Access:            30 Min. Walk from Hachioji Sta. Or 0 min walk Hiraokacho Bus stop

Location:         36-6 Hiraokachō Hachiōji-shi, Tōkyō-to Japan

Contact:           0426-28-9060

Homepage:      http://bit.ly/1br0lW8

6.  Okachimachi Masjid

Access:            7 min walk from Okachimachi Station

Location:         Assalaam Building, 4-6-7, Taito, Taito-ku, Tokyo

Contact:           050-3644-1045

Homepage:      http://assalaamfoundation.org/

7.  Makki Masjid

Access:            7 min walk from Ohanajaya Station

Location:         5-22-11, Yotsugi, Katsushika-ku, Tokyo

Contact:           03-5670-7426

8.  Kamata Masjid

Access:            3 min. walk from Kamata sta.

Location:         5-1-2 Urata, Oota-ku, Tokyo

Contact:           +81-80-5545-0666

Homepage:      http://kamatamasjid.com/about-2/

1o. Ikebukuro Musalla

Access:              2 Min. from Ikebukuro Station

Location:         1-2-3-401 NishiIkebukuro, Toshima-ku

Contact:           03-3985-4669

11.  Indonesia Musalla

Access:                        7 Min. walk from Meguro Station

Location:         3-6-6 Meguro, Meguro-ku,

12. Machida Musalla

Access:            10 Min. Walk from Machida Station

Location:         4-22-16-202 Hara Machida, Machida-shi

13.  Shibuya Musalla

Access:            5 min. from Shibuya Station

Location:         1107 Sagas Bldg., Dougenzaka, Shibuyaku

14.  Shinokubo Musalla

Access:            1 min. from shinokubo Station

Location:         2-10 Hyakunincho, Shinjukuku-ku


Click here for How to find the mosque using smartphone.

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