How To Use a Taxi

Taxis in Japan are expensive comparing to other public transportation. But it is very useful when you miss the last train around the midnight or when you want to avoid complicated train transferring. Here is the useful information on Japanese taxis.

How To Use a Taxi

To hail a taxi, you can go to a taxi stand near train stations or just simply flag down at a location where it is safe the taxi to stop.

空車 vacant
賃走 occupied

When you board a taxi, please be careful the left rear door opens automatically. Give your driver your destination after boarding. If you find it difficult to communicate with the driver, just give him/her a piece of paper you write down the address or the destination. Most of the Japanese are better at reading rather than hearing. Street names are not practically used as the destination.

After arriving at your destination, just pay your fare and you do not need to tip. You can, if you want to show your gratitude 😉

Regular Fares / Fixed Fares

* The followings are the fares by KM Taxi. The fares should be different by the companies.

[Regular Fares]

Metered Fare
730yen upon entry up to 2km
90yen for per 280m, when the taxicab is traveling more than 2km
90yen for per 105 seconds, when not in motion or traveling at less than 10km/h
Pick-up Fee
410yen per ride
Reservation Fee
410yen per ride
Night surcharge
20% of the total fare after 10:00 PM & before 5:00 AM
Long Distance Discount
10% discount of the difference of 9,000yen from the tatal fare,when the total fare is more than 9,000yen

[Fixed Fares]

Haneda Airport
Shinjuku-ku – 6,800 JPY (5:00-22:00) 8,200 JPY (22:00-5:00)
Shibuya-ku – 6,400 JPY (5:00-22:00) 7,600 JPY (22:00-5:00)
Taito-ku – 6,900 JPY (5:00-22:00) 8,200 JPY (22:00-5:00)
Narita Airport
Shinjuku-ku – 21,000 JPY (5:00-22:00) 25,200 JPY (22:00-5:00)
Shibuya-ku – 21,000 JPY (5:00-22:00) 25,200 JPY (22:00-5:00)
Taito-ku – 19,000 JPY (5:00-22:00) 23,300 JPY (22:00-5:00)
Tokyo Disney Resort
Shinjuku-ku – 6,500 JPY (5:00-22:00) 8,000 JPY (22:00-5:00)
Shibuya-ku – 6,500 JPY (5:00-22:00) 8,000 JPY (22:00-5:00)

English Taxi Services

KM Taxi: 050-5532-9807 (AM 9:00-PM 5:00)
Nihon-Kotsu: 03-5755-2336
Hinomaru-Kotsu: 03-3814-1111
Uber Tokyo

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