How To Use a Washing Machine

Haier JW-K42H


1. Press “power (電源)”.
2. Select “standard (標準) by pressing “course (コース)” button.
3. Press “start/pause(スタート/一時停止)” to start washing.



1. Press “power(電源 切/入)”.
2. Press “regular (標準)”.
3. Press “start/pause (スタート/一時停止)” to start washing.

Japanese Coin Laundries (Laundromats)

If you would like to use a professional dryer, you should try a local laundromat. Bring your own book or magazine along your laundry. The followings are the links to local laundromats on Google Map.

[Shibuya area]

Chatlet Shoto Laundromat
Shibuya Shoto Koen Laundromat


Umetsuki Laundromat
Wash & Fold


Wash & Fold

Other Engligh Service Cleaners Links

Cleaners “Senya” – Minato-ku, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo. They pick up & deliver your laundry.


Q. Where is the washing machine?
A. If you don’t find it inside the apartment, please check the balcony.

Q. Where do I put the detergent and fabric softener?
Open the lint filter and pour the detergent into the back hole. (JW-42K)


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